Therapy Services

Support tailor-made to you:

Person-Centred Therapy

(Talking and Creative Arts based)

Individual Sessions

60 minute one-to-one sessions. Resulting in tailor-made support.

Couples Conflict Resolution

A Personalised Course

Essential Skills

In essence you develop proven skills for relationship harmony.

Family Therapy

(Talking and Creative Arts based)

Tailor-made Sessions

90 minute sessions. Uniquely supporting positive family relationships.

Group Therapy

(Talking and Creative Arts based)

Specialised Groups

Please note: groups are dependant on requirements and client demand

Couples Counselling

Using years of relationship research

Personalised Sessions

Specifically designed to strengthen your relationship

After all, you deserve to find your inner peace

School Counselling Services:

Student Counselling

Behavioural, emotional, social and psychological support

Instant Help

One-to-one or group support available. Equally ideal for both early intervention or long-term needs.

Staff Support

Counselling and supervision


Ensuring you deliver the best education and emotional support

Mental Health Workshops and Training

Tailored to your School

Low-level Training

Allowing you to assess and deliver interventions


However, 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at an early age. (Children’s Society 2008).

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Children can be often overlooked when it comes to their mental health.  Therefore, I offer tailor-made services for your school. Not only can I help your staff and students, I can help them help themselves. Contact me to develop a mental health strategy for your school.

Corporate Workplace Services:

Workshops and Training Sessions

Tailored to your organisation

Various Topics

Including: relationships, child development and more...

Staff Counselling

and supervision sessions

Workplace Wellbeing

To ensure staff become the best version of themselves

Company Health Check

Mental health awareness & support

Inclusive Culture

Resulting in an improved culture for your company

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental illness each year.
In 2016, 15.8 million UK work days were lost due to mental illness.

(Source: Office of National Statistics)

Companies require the loyalty and commitment from valuable and talented staff.
However, with pressures rising, it can be hard to find the perfect solution.

Invest in creating a healthy workplace. Whilst we cannot control the demands outside the office, we can manage those within. As a result, staff members are more determined to stay and succeed.

I offer a detailed list of services and can support you to implement them. Contact me to develop a tailor-made service. Together we can create a mental health strategy for your organisation.