About me

‘Therapist’ or ‘counsellor’ might be how you see me. However, that’s not all I am. I have been the client. This means I know how scary it can be to open up to someone new. Therefore, I make sure my clients are as comfortable as possible. My experience taught me that it can be hard to speak about the challenges in our lives.

I love learning about another persons life experiences and perceptions. I believe we create the world we need using our thoughts. For example, by the stories we choose to tell. Also in the way we tell them. 

I became fascinated when I learnt our mind has the greatest impact on us. I am a self-reflective person and I look for wisdom wherever I can. Some of this you can read on my blog.

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Non – Therapist life

Outside of my therapist job, I am a writer, photographer and video editor. These skills allow me to capture and reflect on the world around us. I feel future generations deserve to see our present preserved accurately. Most importantly, through the values and culture that we wish to share with future generations.

I find that this reflection on society can offer us insight. Both into mental illness and the increase in mental health difficulties. Therefore, I use this to help broaden my horizons. It gives me a better understanding of the world. As a result, I develop a better understanding of clients when I meet them in a therapeutic setting.

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Disclosure: Nothing that is shared on this site directly references any therapeutic client, past or present. We have amended as needed to protec the confidentiality and anonymity of the clients involved.

This site promotes a therapeutic service. Some blog posts will also share concepts around self-development, professional development and introspection. However, this site should not be considered as a replacement for a therapeutic service.