Therapy Testimonials

These testimonials are from clients. As well as their experiences, they share how therapy has supported their personal development. In some cases it is a parent or guardian reflecting on the impact that was made.

Professional Testimonials

These testimonials are from other professionals. Most of these are related to supervision services I have provided. They discuss how their experience help them develop as practitioners.

Have been having sessions with Munpreet for about 6 weeks and I can already feel and see the difference in myself. She is really friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Would highly recommend!!

– Jennifer B

(5* review posted on Yell.com)

A very lovely, caring lady doing a fantastic job. Pleasant, reassuring and approachable from the beginning. My child comes out of sessions beaming. He has made a new friend and got his sparkle back. I would highly recommend to anyone, if in doubt ask, I’m sure this lady has a calming solution.

– Sarah L

(5* review posted on Yell.com)

Munpreet is very understanding and honest in her approach, she’s also warm and friendly yet professional. In a very short space of time Munpreet allowed me to see certain situations in a different light. I’d highly recommend Munpreet to anyone who needs to a good listening ear and encouragement. Thank you for your support.

– Ranj Sa

(5* review posted on Google)

So helpful !! I recommend Munpreet to anyone who needs a little or a lot of counselling. Especially revolving around personal and interpersonal relationships ☺️

– Samira Mohamed

(5* review posted on Google)

“Therapy really helped us cope as a family, and gave our daughter a way to explore difficult emotions.”

Parent, Westminster

“I found Munpreet to be kind, caring and a genuine individual. By the end of the sessions [my child] re-gained her confidence and clearly managed to find better ways of dealing with the people and the situations that were causing her distress.”

Parent, Greenwich

“The therapeutic, person centered approach of the creative arts therapy sessions enabled our young people to creatively express themselves in ways that they would not get an opportunity to if it were not for this type of intervention. This helped them to identify and break down barriers to learning and emotional issues, and supported them in re-engaging with mainstream education.”

Secondary School Teacher, Greenwich

“Working on my anxiety using my imagination and characters that make me feel safe has given me the power to overcome my fear. I can now remind myself that I am in charge of my emotions and that I can control how I choose to feel.”

Secondary School Pupil, Birmingham

“I had an amazing supervisor and she has been there for me all the steps of the way and for that I can only thank her for the wonderful experience and the good laugh we had along of the way… I will miss that dearly. It was nice to see someone so young but with a lot of potential. Supervision helped with my reflection and self-development. Gave me space to be me, genuine, real and congruent.”

– Supervisee, Practicing Therapist

“It was really insightful to gain an understanding of attachment, and how to identify it in my students. I would mix up bad behaviour with attachment difficulties, and it was something I wasn’t even aware of to begin with.”

– Attendee, Staff Training

“Supervision has been useful as it has been the first time I have had another counsellors opinion of what could be going on for the client, and for me, when in the therapy room. It has been useful to gain more insight into my process and how this impacts work with clients.”

– Supervisee, Trainee Therapist

Disclaimer: Please note that some of these testimonials have been anonymised to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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