Talk Therapy

Words are an important part of therapy. When it comes to your feelings, it can be really useful to explore them from all angles. When you talk about a problem, you can start to do this.

At What’s Your Boggart?¬†we appreciate that there are many people who struggle to understand themselves. In some cases, this can be resolved when we discuss the problem in detail. Other times you may just need a listening ear while you let everything out. In either case, talk therapy can be really useful to help overcome the hurdles. Not only so you know yourself better, but so that you can control your behaviour in the long run.

As with all therapy, you (the client), know what you need. Often the job of the therapist is to help you acknowledge it. How? If you feel safe enough, to be honest with yourself, it can help you accept those things. They can even help you understand why you feel the way you do. In the process you may highlight what elements of the past make you see the world in this way. Ultimately, you can move on as a stronger and self-aware individual. Then the next time a problem arises, you know what to do.

Jungian Psychology

I use Jungian Psychology within my approach. It is based on the work of Carl Jung. He introduced the world to analytical psychology. In simple terms, this means that we think about your experiences, emotions, and reactions in detail. We analyse how you perceive the things around you. In some cases we may even explore some of your dreams – if you had one that you feel is worth a mention.

In this psychology, childhood experiences, the unconscious and even personality types can crop up. However, the ultimate aim is working with what you provide, and overcoming your triggers. For example: if you always feel agitated by someone, let’s try to reduce or even stop that.

You start by telling me what you feel the problem is, and help me get to know you. Together, we then talk about the things that we need to, in order to help fix the problem.

In this infographic you can explore some of the things that Carl Jung suggested with his approach to therapy.

talk therapy infographic exploring some of the ways that analytical psychology works