School Counselling Services

However, 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at an early age. (Children's Society 2008).

School counselling makes a huge difference in the lives of children and young people. In fact, early intervention ensures children with small worries develop coping mechanisms. Therefore as adults they have greater resilience in times of need.

Students can struggle to express themselves. Therefore creative arts therapy is ideal. It allows students to process emotions in a safe space, using a variety of story, play, ritual, art, and drama. As a result, they can verbalise or express emotions and feelings that are buried.

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Student Counselling

One-to-one or group support available. Equally ideal for both early intervention or long-term needs.

Mental Health Workshops

Mental health awareness and related workshops. For more responsive engagement.

Low-level Intervention Training

5-10 day training. In order to deliver support immediately.

Staff Counselling

Reducing stress for teachers. Therefore educational outcomes improve.

School Health Check

Auditing school practice on mental health. Resulting in implementation of strategies for improvement.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Support. Ensuring student care is monitored and regulated.

School Outcomes

Difficulties I have supported range from anger management and bereavement, to domestic violence, substance abuse, and anxiety. My approach has successfully supported students to manage their anger, work within boundaries and deal with emotional trauma. For this reason. students have successfully completed interventions. In fact, students went on to strive without the need for additional support, throughout the rest of their education.

You can read a number of my previous cases, to see how I effectively managed the student’s needs. All the while, I took full care and regard for safeguarding protocols.

I have also helped transform the mental health culture, and develop honest conversations about emotional wellbeing and health in previous schools. I recognise how valuable these conversations can be. Especially now, when there is discussion to create mental health leads in schools. 

Whilst all teachers may want to support the mental health of students, they are not always equipped with the right skills. Likewise, the various demands on educators can make the role difficult to fulfill.

Organisational Experience

I have worked for a number of charities and schools directly. As a result I have supported the development of students, staff and schools. Organisations have included the following:

Place2Be, Family Action, Kids Inspire, Nechells E-Act Academy, Washwood Heath Academy, Court Farm Primary, Skilts School for SEN students, Waltham Abbey Primary, Buckhurst Hill Primary, Crownwoods Academy (Greenwich), Loughton Primary, Thundersley Primary and Cedar Hall School for SEN students.

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