How Can I Help?

We all need a little help. 

Work and home life can both affect you mental health. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental illness each year. (Office of National Statistics). Therefore, mental health is becoming more of a collective responsibility. This includes caring for our staff and community members. 

I support individuals, groups, couples and families. Indeed my clients come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Since anyone can need help with their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

individual working - needing help to cope with the stress and pressure of the environment
My Approach

My work is person-centred. That means I tailor-make all interventions based on my clients. For this reason, I use a variety of tools and approaches. Alongside talking, this can include: ritual, art, drama, story, play. My work is mainly based on Jungian psychology.

I believe each person knows what they need in life. However, when life gets difficult, it can be hard to acknowledge or address these needs. My role is not to tell you how to live, Instead I help you realise what you need to live a happy and harmonious life.

head being examined, showing various areas help to understand what affects other part of brain
help through words of encouragement, including dream, courage, inspire and harmony - on stones

Sometimes it can be hard to speak about your life experiences. Especially when we realise the impact they have had on us. 

That is why I provide you with a safe space. Within which you can explore and express emotions and experiences. When you need you can rely on indirect, creative resources. 

By doing so, we can start to process and address these experiences. Likewise, we use the therapeutic relationship. In other words, the relationship of the therapist and client. The sense of safety you get from your therapist helps you see yourself. As a result, you build awareness and resilience for your future experiences.

Personalised Help
art helping to relax someone as they draw a design

I personalise my service to you and your needs. That’s why no two clients have the same experience.

After all, we are all unique. Therefore, we have gone through life in our own way. As a result, the skills you need to build resilience will be specific to you.

However, some elements of my interventions always stay the same. Mainly, this is to do with the agreement I make with you. It occurs at the start of the intervention. Ultimately, it ensures that you you feel safe, and we have the right boundaries in place. By doing so, it becomes easier for you to explore what you need to.

Alongside this, we go at your pace. You might not feel ready to speak about certain things. That’s ok. After all, you need to feel comfortable to get the most out of the process.

In the same way, we use techniques and resources that you find useful. Whilst I can introduce a range of resources. These can include: charms, sand trays, drawing, and emotion cards. If these are not things you find useful then they won’t help. That’s why I am happy to adapt based on you.

If you want to learn more, you can visit my blog. There I talk about the therapy process in more detail: So, what is therapy?