Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy is a safe way to explore difficult topics and/or situations. How is this the case?
It’s because you don’t have to rely on words to express yourself. In fact, you can distance yourself from the problems you might be discussing. As a result you feel safer sharing the things you need to.

Jungian psychology techniques include: drama, ritual, storytelling, enactment, role play, personal and projected play, music and art. Therefore, a client can express themselves through the safety of another character. In other words, I can offer clients a space to share their true feelings in a safe way. 

However, you choose what you want to use. As a result it works with client groups of all ages. In particular, it is beneficial when engaging non-verbal clients and those with a physical or learning disability. 

In other words, it offers you a way to communicate that suits you.

A Creative Journey

Essential to Successful Therapy 100%

Are you looking for support with:

Addiction, Anger Management, Autism, Bereavement, Loss, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Loneliness, Eating Disorders, Emotional Behavioural Difficulties, Couples Counselling, Conflict Resolution, Family and Relationship Difficulties, Mental Health Difficulties, Self Harm, Substance Misuse, Trauma or Abuse, Dementia ?

We would start the intervention by setting out an agreement. In effect it is easier to ensure that you feel safe. Trust takes time to build and I take the importance of it very seriously. 

From then on you share what you need to. In other words, you show me your world in your way. This helps us discover how you see things. We then explore how this affects the way you feel. It can be a combination of elements.

Remember, you are always in control. You decide how much or how little you share. We work at the pace that best suits you.

I only use methods that you are comfortable with. You choose if you want to: draw. speak, enact, use objects or visual aids.

The resources should always support your progress. For this reason, I will check in with you to ensure you are happy with the materials we choose to use.

After all, it is only when you are comfortable that we can make progress together.

creative abstract design that can be anything the viewer wants it to be