Couples Counselling

I offer a multi-session couples counselling intervention. I support you to develop and apply long-term skills. As a result your relationships will be strengthened.

Couples who are struggling with communication or understanding can benefit. Alternatively, premarital couples can use this to prevent difficulties in the future. 

All relationships have their ups and down. However, there are simple ways we can support ourselves and each other. A solid foundation of friendship can often determine greater relationship stability.

This intervention includes a number of relationship, psychological and social studies. They also include exercises developed by leading relationship experts Gottman and Silver. I have completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and use Gottman Method Couples Therapy in my work.

Couples Counselling Session Topics

The sessions include the following topics:

Introduction to Self and Relationships;
Connection and Intimacy;
Love – Expression and Appreciation;
Couples Conflict;
Lifestyle Choices;
Forgiveness and Sacrifice;
Family Structure;
Blending Both Families

The intervention also includes two individual sessions (30-60 minutes each). Overall, the length of the intervention will depend on the individual couples needs.

Contact me to discuss how this intervention can support you and your marriage.

The recipe for success is about finding what works for you – 
individually, as a couple, and as a family.

Why Get Support As A Couple?

I have had many individual clients who have wanted to discuss their relationships. Frequently this occurs when the client’s needs are complex. After all, your significant other is an important part of your life. Therefore, anything you discuss may bring them into the picture. Especially if you want to protect your relationship from the other struggles you are experiencing.

However, individual therapy it is not as useful if the only concern you have IS your relationship. For one, it means the other person cannot share their side. Communication is a two-way street. Therefore, both partners have a role in ensuring it is successful. For this reason I offer you the space to discuss the struggles, and overcome the hurdles.

The biggest fear can be: will this person walk out? Knowing you are in a safe and supportive environment can reduce that fear. After all, you are in counselling to fix the issues. That in itself shows commitment.