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Are you looking for support from a qualified and experienced counsellor?  If so, email me to see if I can help. I offer face-to-face and online support to suit you. 

I am based at the Nishkam Healthcare Centre, 21 Soho Road, Birmingham, B21 9SN

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How To Choose the Right Counsellor?

Every counsellor and therapist has their own way of working. Understandably, it can be completely normal to wonder if the one you have chosen is right for you. For this reason, I offer a discount for the first session. As a result, you get a chance to know me and see if I’m the best fit for you.

How will I know?

You may wonder how you’ll know if you’ve made the right choice. Notably, there are a number of factors to consider like: gender, accreditation, training, experience, and cultural understanding. Although all of these are good when browsing, the ultimate test is usually the following:

1. Non-judgemental

You should not feel judged by your therapist. Whilst you may be nervous, there should not be topics that are off limits or difficult for the therapist to acknowledge. After all, no matter what you say or do, the therapist should allow you to show your true self. Why? If not, you won’t be able to address your true thoughts and feelings. Therefore you won’t be able to make the self discoveries you need to.

It’s normal that you might want to hold back to begin with. As long as when you’re ready, you’re supported.

2. Safe

There should be a sense of safety and comfort felt in the room. For example, the environment should be inviting and your therapist should be someone you are relaxed around. If you enter therapy feeling scared, and the therapist can’t reassure you, it will be difficult for you to progress successfully.



Therapy is all about the relationship you build with your therapist. This is healing in itself. Therefore, if you find the above elements in your chosen professional, it should work wonders.

If you want to know anything else about me – just ask. Alternatively, explore this website to learn more about my services and experience.