Workplace Mental Health Services

Did you know that the workplace has become the most stressful part of life?

According to research by the charity, Mind UK, workplace well being needs improvement. As at least one in six workers experiences common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. 

This is costly for organisations both in terms of staff absences and hindered staff productivity. In fact, MHFA England reported UK businesses spend an estimated £35 billion per year on mental illness. This includes: sickness absence, reduced productivity and substitute staff.

However, there is hope. By working together we can implement a number of tailor-made services, including those below, to improve your business. As a result, there will be a reduction in sick days, greater employee satisfaction, and a happier environment for all.

Read an example of successful implementation here: Case Study 6

Services We Offer:
Mental health, just like physical health moves along a spectrum.

We can be feeling great one day then suddenly get a cold and still keep going until it turns into a fully fledged fever. We know that a cold is the result of a poor immune system. However, we don’t consider the stress, exhaustion, or lack of self-care that may have contributed to it in the first place.

Mental health is the same. Although some of us may be pre-disposed to certain conditions, our environment and lifestyle all play a role.

By offering staff counselling and check-ins we can recognise negative workplace patterns. This helps prevent long term difficulties. It will support staff to manage their mental health.

The result is happier people and happier workplaces. It also means staff are mentally healthier and more productive at work – everybody wins!

Did you know that Mind UK discovered that 30% of staff surveyed disagreed with the following statement?

‘I would feel able to talk openly with my line manager if I was feeling stressed’

Workplace culture is often outcome, productivity and profit focused. Therefore, staff are reluctant to share their concerns or worries – often fearing that they will be seen as unable to ‘cope’, or of being fired.

We can provide training for management to recognise and openly discuss mental health. The skills we provide will help create a vibrant, trusting and supportive community. 

As a result, the organisation will not only be aware of difficulties, but they will be able to provide staff support early on. Ultimately, this will improve the environment and culture of the company, supporting long term staff retention.

Stress is a workplace problem.

However, until now there has been little pressure on the workplace to address the problem.

Stress can contribute to other mental health issues if it is not responded to early on. Therefore, open and honest dialogue within organisations is required. By implementing early intervention we can reduce the impact stress has.

After all: a problem shared is a problem halved!

Good workplace initiatives, campaigns and practical examples from management of open dialogue can reduce sickness and staff turnover that results from stress.

I can support your organisation to design and implement changes that will have the best impact on your staff. Overall, we will go beyond talking the talk, and will together learn to walk the walk.

Organisations, like people, benefit from a check-up…

I offer to conduct unbiased and confidential tailored surveys and research within the organisation to examine:

  • How the organisation view and respond to mental health
  • How the environment and staff relationships impact staff
  • Common workplace stressors
  • Staff workplace satisfaction
  • Review strategy implementation for the best outcomes

Additionally, we can add areas of research which are suited to your organisation’s needs.

Therefore, the initiatives can be tailor made to your organisations needs.

How much do you and your colleagues know about mental health?

We can deliver workshops for staff to learn more about:

  • Mental health conditions
  • Relationship management
  • Stress management 
  • Attachment
  • Identifying triggers & response management

Along with other specialised topics, as requested by you and your organisation.

As a result, staff will be up-skilled in the areas of knowledge they require. In addition, they can treat the sessions as part of their on-going CPD.

stress written in pencil. pencil is breaking in process representing hard work and difficult workplace