A prayer from the past, a prayer for the world

A few weeks ago, I came across a newspaper article and note buried in a wall that was being taken down brick by brick. I’ve attached an image of everything that was found, but I wanted to write an open letter to thank the individual that buried it.

I can only imagine, that roughly 47 years ago, this bricklayer was reading the newspaper in his/her break, and was reflecting on the state of the world. I wasn’t born then, but the information contained shows me, in some ways, what I would have expected to find. I imagine, that it was in that moment that this bricklayer wrote a note. Written were the words:

I hope that whoever reads this, that in the time in which that they read it the ‘good earth’ is in a better state of good than it is in this year of God 1968

Call it a prayer, a wish, a desire or simply hope. To me it represents all those things and more.

As I read it, I don’t know if I can say with assurance that the world is now a better place;
but I can surely say it is different, and a lot of these differences I am grateful for.

I do ask myself, how can we measure goodness globally? I can’t answer this question, but the timing of it feels important.

I am honored to currently attend the Sacred Activists course and meet people who are striving to make this world a better place each day. When we meet, we speak about many topics and projects including inter-devotional worship, interconnectedness and systemic change. Then we go our separate ways and try to make a difference. We’re all learners, and while trying we may make mistakes, but we still try, and this time capsule reminds me why. The world is full of people with the same desires and hopes, for a better world to live in. When we sit in our own spaces and pray, we don’t know how our prayers will manifest. We don’t always recognize that collectively, our small desires may be having a ripple effect and inspiring others.

That’s exactly what this note has done for me. It will remain a beacon and a reminder of why I try, and will continue to try. The world is much bigger than me, but I can do my little bit. Then maybe in another 47 years, someone else will be able to look back and appreciate how far the world has come, and perhaps they too will be inspired to continue what has started.

So thank you, for leaving me with this gentle reminder and with your hope.

I pray we are all blessed to do our little bit to make the world a better place. I also pray that this hope never dies, because I don’t feel we will ever be able to say that this earth is ‘good enough’.

1969 time capsule

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