Sacred Activism

Recently I began a course called ‘Sacred Activists’, and during our introductory session we explored what activism meant.

There are many definitions to activism that I have found, from political demonstrations, to the philosophy that reality is formed from physical and mental action. The more I thought about what SACRED activism meant to me, the more I was required to explore the notions of activism within my faith.

I thought about the changes that my Guru’s made. From serving food to the poor and hungry (langar), to giving equal rights to women, to sacrificing themselves for the faith of another, to forgiving actions that others may have deemed unforgivable.

I concluded, that for me, ‘sacred activism’ is simply action; while remembering and applying the guidance from the sacred, transcendent Lord or Creator.

I say this, because the more I explored and searched for the one big teaching about activism in my faith, the more I noticed that almost every action, every decision and every endeavor could be seen as an act of ‘sacred’ activism.

The biggest examples I found in my faith were small at the time they happened. They can be described as small transactions of love, compassion, selflessness, service and forgiveness. They were virtues in action.

Today we look back and may describe them as momentous occasions, but in that moment they were simply a decision. A decision to do the right thing. These decisions may have been different, but they were necessary. Over time, these necessities became norms.

As me and my fellow ‘sacred activists’ continue on this new journey of discovery, I hope that we are able to do what is right and necessary. I hope that our actions can leave ripples that help us change the norm, until the norm no longer needs changing.

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