The beauty of life stories

I have an interest in capturing oral history. Recently, I had the honour to sit with a 91 year old (with dementia) discussing the highlights of his life. A week later this soul passed away, and the memory of our conversations have felt hauntingly beautiful.

The opportunity to lay out your life for another is a unique chance to re-examine and explain what your journey has been about.

I heard what had touched his soul the most; what he would never forget and the key moments that changed his life’s direction. To learn about a journey, (unknowingly) so close to its end, and hear honest reflections and gratitude towards past experiences and life lessons is a humbling experience.

It reminds me that we are not here forever, and every second should be savoured and acted through with caution – for most of us, however old we get – and even if we suffer with memory loss – are likely to remember our milestone moments well.

The truth is any moment can become a milestone moment; and days that I am sure he expected to start and end ordinarily, became extraordinary before he could comprehend them. With this in mind, I shall try (even more) to live each moment with authenticity and contentment – happy in how I have lived, and able to come to terms with situations I wish could have ended up differently – for we can only control our own actions.

I hope that if one day I have the privilege to live to 91, and am able to share my story with the youngsters around me, that I can speak as enthusiastically, with as much wisdom and eternal gratitude for a life well lived, as this enlightened soul did.

One thought on “The beauty of life stories

  1. Cherished moments – thank you for sharing, as this encounter with the ‘enlightened soul’ did not just happened – it was meant to be, so you were blessed to connect with the deeper spirit and soul of this individual, before they started their final journey to the next level. I am both pleased and humbled that you a very young person have deep, deep appreciation of life and what it has to offer, that money is not everything and that relationships need to be built everyday especially with our elders and have real learning from their experiences in time.

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