The privilege of reflection

I feel unbelievably fortunate, that just a few months ago, I was able to accompany a number of faith leaders (who I now consider my friends) to India.

Now, whilst the journey was beyond words; the longest process was coming back with so much footage, and just not enough time (isn’t that always the way) to edit… You can probably imagine my christmas – in front of a computer – with an amazing team working on the project with me.

I feel beyond blessed to have been given the honour of being part of this.

The process gave me a chance to relive the experience in 100 different ways, and really note what was so magical about being in another country amongst these leaders. I am going to try and find words to share some of what I’ve learnt…

1) We’re all the same.

Not only are we all human, but everyone that came had such love and respect for creation that there were more similarities in our beliefs than differences.

2) Honesty is freeing

There have been atrocities done to so many people, and each faith has some history that is hard to accept. However, when we’re honest, forgiving and willing to move forward, these things can become cornerstones for┬áchange.

3) Be proud of who you are

It was beautiful to see these people of faith truly be themselves, without fear or shame of upsetting each other. The journey was about building understanding of each other, and therefore it was only because of the pride with which everyone was living their faith (without demeaning another), that we could begin to build stronger friendships and appreciation of each other.

4) Never give up

The world is a harsh place. There are so many things that I would never have dreamed of, that occur daily around us. Yet, these individuals have pledged an allegiance to their faiths, each other and the world, to strive to make it a better place. Their constant hope and hard work inspire me to believe that anything is possible once you put your mind to it.

Very soon, I shall feel overwhelming joy at sharing their words and experiences with you.

#flgindia – Watch this space…

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