Starting again…

I feel so blessed this year.

I have loved, lost, grieved, explored, embraced, and been involved in things that I will hold dear forever. I understood life this year, in relation to death; when I welcomed a precious soul in my family, whilst saying goodbye to another. There were adventures and opportunities to travel that I never dreamed possible; and I was able to meet faith leaders who have left a mark on me I will never forget.

I thank God for every second of it.

I believe every year you learn something that you can take forward into the next, and every year I try to be better than the last. This year, what I have learnt the most about myself, is what service means to me.

When you’re faced with mortality, it’s easy to see what you’re drawn to, and this year the opportunity to serve in any way, shape or form has been my guiding light. It has held me and supported me in more ways than I can imagine.

For me, service is my life.

I understand the sacrifice that goes with that, and I can see that there are things that are not always possible, when you put yourself behind a greater need to serve. Yet my heart is drawn to those opportunities to give back.

I hope I can do this feeling justice in the years to come. As the next year brings its challenges, I hope I am constantly faced with my mortality and am driven to do whatever it is that my soul seeks.

I am far from a perfect person, but I think it is time I listen carefully to the voice inside and follow it wherever it may lead…

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