As a drama therapist, a lot of time is spent waiting. Waiting for clients, waiting for referrals, waiting for therapists, supervisors, tutors, etc etc… Having such strict timings can mean that when you have a spare moment – you’re waiting.

Not to say that there is nothing to do. Life is filled with many challenging and thought provoking situations that require a lot of work. Never-the-less, being alert for any “event” cannot happen if your mind is wandering around in a rainforest, or on a beach – can you tell how easy it is to daydream??

Waiting is important. Waiting requires patience and becoming “in-the-moment”, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Being conscious of your emotional, physical and psychological state can be hard work, especially when you are preparing to become conscious of another person or groups at the same time.
Even when you’re not; the stresses and numerous tasks the day holds can easily override into therapy or any daily activity.

I guess what I’m trying to say is; living in the moment is not over-rated or under-valued – but seeing as not every moment is full of life-changing events,

A lot of it can feel like waiting…..

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