Nishkam 3 Peaks Challenge – Off to Scafell Pike

Sooo… That was amazing.. I know I didn’t go up – but I have an on the road video journal to share with you.

Bye Bye Scotland! I’ll miss you!!

Currently the minibuses are filled with lots of resting and sleeping as everyone prepares for the next challenge – Scafell Pike! As you can imagine at this time it will be pitch black when they start… We have to be thankful to the guides for helping them find their way, with only torches to light the way.

(p.s. it’s so hard editing on these winding roads – tip for anyone planning to work: prepare for motion sickness! Even if you don’t have it – I thought I didn’t but these drives can be hard!)

Enjoy, Like, Donate, and the updates will keep on coming (internet pending)!

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