De-rolling the past

Every so often in life, we get hurt. Pain can come in many forms and last from a second to a lifetime.

In some cases, we find objects serve as reminders of this pain, betrayal, abandonment in the same way that we can cherish an object that reminds us we’re loved and cared for. They can cause us to relive the pain and suffering, bringing back negativity or hatred and making it ever present.

If we put too much emphasis on the object, we may find similar objects begin to evoke the same response – leading us into a cycle of despair.

In these situations, I like to consider the power of de-rolling the items. “De-rolling” refers to removing a role/character/situation or any real identity away from an object that distorts the way it is seen and responded to. Whilst it is easier to do in a therapeutic environment, it can also be helpful to do in life.

By freeing ourselves from the memories held within the materials we own or encounter, we free ourselves from the past and allow the future to be shaped in a new way.

We stop holding ourselves back from life, and stop blaming our perspective on the baggage we carry.

Baggage can be hard to let go of, and de-rolling or letting go may only come from removing reminders from our lives. However, if at all possible, I would suggest reclaiming and altering the meaning of the materials that affect us.

If we change how we view the world, we take back the power the world has over us.

We ultimately take back power overĀ ourselves.

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