Lacking Control

There are times where you think everything has been thought of, and then in a split second it’s all gone.

It is so hard to feel happy when you know you’ve lost control and hard work has gone down the drain – a concept that seems more and more possible as we rely on technology to hold everything for us.

I am a victim of technology and know the pain of losing work all too well. No matter how many attempts I make to back things us, or save duplicate copies, every so often things disappear.

It causes me to wonder how we deal with this inability to control or own anything.

I know I personally struggle with the regret and angst of losing anything that may have been important or valuable to another person, more than I do for anything that’s mine. The responsibility of holding something for another person is of course far greater.

Despite this, the truth is that very little is within our control – you can only ever do your best – so why is it so hard to move forward?

Perhaps it’s pressure that we put on ourselves to be perfect, or our egos and reputations – not wanting to be seen to fail.

What would happen if we let go of the past, carried on and tried again? Normally things can work out just as well, if not better, with a little faith and positivity.

It’s something I always try and tell myself – but that doesn’t mean the pain instantly goes away either…

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