What are we here for?

This morning while standing on a train, on my usual journey, I heard an unknown person end their life.
The sound of rocks hitting the carriage window were quickly identified to be parts of a body that had been hit by a fast train on the next platform.
Our train stopped. The driver stuttered slightly while informing us of what had happened, and the carriage went silence. Short, soft voices questioned that the sound we heard must have been the impact. Few people pointed out body parts sitting on the track, yet everyone remained still as one police officer headed to the front of the carriage to see how he could help.
In such a grave situation the hustle and bustle of a busy London commute ended. No one questioned the delay to their journey. Instead we all contacted the people we needed to.
When the time was right, we silently left the train and resumed our journeys in other ways.

Death, even of an unknown individual can have an impact on so many lives, that I question how anyone can get to a point where they wish to take their own life?

How can we continue without acknowledging how short and precious our days are?

How can we support those that don’t feel joy, to help them make the most out of what they’ve been given?

I pray for the person that left us this morning, and pray for anyone who may be close to that situation.

May we give these people hope and something to live for… May they see the impact their life can have, and may they be happy.

I don’t have the answers, but I’m beginning to ask more questions…

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