The complexity of truth

Today it is #timetotalk about mental health. The poem below was written with the perspective of feeling different and disconnected from the world. Mental health affects 1 in 4 people every year, and causes them to feel isolated. Please help end this, and offer a sympathetic ear to anyone that needs it.

Sitting at the sidelines,
watching the world go by.

The handshakes of respect,
hugs expressing love.
Seeing all, experiencing none.

Walking into the room,
so large.
Hand stretched out,
hear me shout.

No response,
the voice is faint.
A tiny breath in a
Stampede of wind
surrounding you,
and eating us up.
Blown away,
without luck.

Then one day,
while sitting alone
A sound strikes.

Breaking a silent slumber,
A beat from high above.
Suddenly they see you,
approach you,
and ask you to become
part of the one.

Alone you sat so long.
Pondering the fate of man.
Where will we go from here?

Visions of a world so
different, from the scene before
your eyes.

Then suddenly you were seen,
and the world was bright.

It becomes clear,
that what we see
And what we feel,
Can be worlds apart at once.

For emotions have a memory,
That redefines our mind and heart.

© Munpreet Kaur Flora 2014

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