First steps

There are times when the world seems to be constantly defeating you. It’s easy to get swept away with the belief that no one can possibly help you – and maybe they can’t… but I’ve come to believe that no matter the circumstances, you can always help yourself.

Our thoughts have such a large impact on our reality, that if we can control our perception of the world the rest is easy. Sometimes progress isn’t just wealth or rewards, it can simply be to make a decision about the way you’re going to deal with life, and following through on it.

This may all seem obvious or repetitive and it is, but I find the simplest things are easiest to forget – and these lessons have continuously bombarded me from multiple perspectives, including faith and psychology.

I have ultimate faith in God and His ability to change even the most impossible situation, but I don’t believe God will remove all of our obstacles just because we ask. I believe we need to make a change, and start working to remove the obstacles ourselves – once that happens I believe He’ll be there to help us through – but we need to take the first step. For me, self belief is a stepping stone to understanding that God’s essence lies within me (and everyone else), and this essence has the power to achieve anything.

Therapy and psychology provide a similar view for me, as I feel that essence of God is the same thing I search for within my unconscious. Jungian psychology suggests we communicate with the unconscious through the psyche, which is a middle ground between the body and soul – I translate this into “mun”, a word that refers to both the mind and heart at once. It’s an element of each individual that my faith teaches me we need to control in order to access the unconscious, it’s riches, (and God).

I’ve discovered that therapy is always client led, and no matter how much the therapist tries to help, only the client can allow themselves to progress. It’s a decision to take control and make a change. Therefore, the client must focus on their mun/mind and transform their understanding and view of their world by taking control.

Every life only belongs to that individual, so it’s only right that they take the ownership to turn it into whatever they want. It’s not easy and we all need support, but that comes after we take the first step, and stays strong with every step after that.

The first step is often the most frightening, but it’s the step I’m glad I took. I would like to thank the wonderful people around me for supporting me through the first steps so i could begin running – but this marathon is far from over.

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