The sound of dawn

The world can shape you to be what it wants, but eventually your soul will transform you into who you are.

Voices loud and clear,
Stating things all hate to hear.
Lost, forgotten, old and new,
Painful memories from times long gone.

Voices from all around,
discuss, debate – so profound.
Why not ask the one involved?
Ask the question – be so bold.

Sitting with a mask of fear,
a new persona
wishes not to bear,
a soul so fragile,
pain so new,

with all those eyes piercing through

into a world, no one knew.

The lips break open,
no sound comes out.
how to express the rage and pain.

the shadows within roar,
crash towards the door

silence or screams,
no centre exists.

extremes they say,
how can this be?

but did they know the truth within?
the story behind the mask they’d seen.

a voice so squashed it couldn’t breath
until lifelessness caused it to scream.

Loud and clear,
echoing around,
beating drums couldn’t silence the sound.
the voice of reason,
the voice of truth,
the voice of the heart that had just let loose.

The gate has opened,
the shadow breaths,
the mask blends and bends,
makes space to share,
preventing another outburst to come bare.

the stage is set,
the curtains are drawn,
the voice of harmony,
has brought balance

at dawn.

© Munpreet Flora 2013

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