The forgotten shadow

hum nehee chunge, burrah nehee koi” (I am not good, nobody is bad)

Life isn’t all good or bad and neither is an individual. We all have a dark side of some sort. This dark side doesn’t need to resemble acts of evil, but it will be made up of any part of ourselves we ignore.

Too often society tells us we must behave in a certain way, wear certain clothes, have certain company, read certain books, become a certain individual. We grow up ignoring the other aspects of ourselves, repressing them or fearing them, until we cause a dark cloud to interfere with our understanding of ourselves and our nature. If we cannot discard of these qualities, we need to control them, and true control can only be achieved once we understand their inner workings. This means interacting with them, an event that can be terrifying and eye opening.

The experience of training and therapy has caused me to do this myself. I can’t say it’s always an easy or joyful experience, but I wouldn’t trade it. The position that I’m working towards will give me a stronger sense of self which will support me in every future encounter I have. It will teach me to understand and own my emotions and reactions.

Life is change and change is uncontrollable. There is no way of knowing what life will bring. We do however have the ability of preparing ourselves simply by conquering our demons. The more, the better. I don’t regret going down this path, if anything, I wish I started earlier.

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