The legacy of a grandparent

My grandfather spent almost 9 years of his life without my grandmother. Although I’m young, I saw the toll it took on him, to lose his soul mate.
After that, he kept himself busy with his estate in India. His mind was focused, until it wasn’t and it then slowly started to degenerate.

Yesterday he returned to that place we will all go one day, and as I stood beside his body with all my family, I pondered what life was about.

His body, not yet cold, had touched the lives of all his 8 children, their spouses, his grandchildren, and great grandchildren.


Despite the fact that his soul has moved on, his legacy remains. It lives in the teachings he and my grandma gave their children, and us.

* Always treat everyone kindly and with respect, despite how they treat you.

* Serve God and be thankful for the blessings He gave you

* As long as your actions are right and just, you have nothing to fear

* Give love to everyone

* Look after each other and forgive

* Make a life, not just a living

* Always do your duty

And my personal favorite from recent months,
* If traveling far, always leave during daylight hours. You shouldn’t be traveling at night!!
Sorry Papa Ji, I might not be able to follow that one 😉

These lessons have affected the way we live and breath, they’re the pillars of our family. We’ve all learnt something from our grandfather, which can be hard when you’re sharing him with over 23 other grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Yet, as long as we can reminisce on the good times and go back to these lessons, he’ll never really leave. He’ll just be watching us, along with our grandma, reunited at last.


I hope we are all blessed with as much love and happiness as my grandparents shared. They are some of my greatest role models.


Papa Ji. Rest in peace 20 October 2013.

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