Terror: a cause for concern

As beautiful as some of the acts of heroism have been recently, growing up with awareness of terrorist attacks can easily change your view of the world. It’s easy to believe in hatred as opposed to love.
How do we build long lasting communities who care for each other, when each individual fears for their own life?

This lack of trust is going to ruin the societies we know and love, if we feel cautious about working together for the betterment of all. We can’t let a few people become representative for whole communities. Only the individual who commits the crime is set to face punishment.

I can’t stop terrorists. No individual can. Collectively, however, we have the ability to make a difference, and for me that difference is to tackle the concern of how we give hope to the next generation. How do we ensure stereotypes, generalisations and fear don’t corrupt their ability to work together in harmony?

What is “terror”?

Terror, synonymous to fear.
Why do some think
That fear is power,
When power is love.

Fear is just a short term shield,
Pushing limits and building walls
Between neighbors who mistrust
Speech and actions from all around.

A selfish society,
Based on self preservation.
The only security to a world of illusion.
When threats enter through deceptive means,
And nothing is what it seems.

How do you live with faith and trust,
When unprovoked attacks
Harm the common man?

Alone you walk,
shields up high
No room for kindness,
No time for regret…

Because the second they’re in,
Everything ends.

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