The Lord’s Play

There are times in life, when the world appears full of pleasures and temptations. Daily, we face the consumer driven society and always yearn for more. There are times, however, when these decisions begin to cause us harm or grief. We forget what’s important and continue in stubbornness, thinking that our decisions were great and we can’t turn back.

In truth, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”, and when we realise our mistakes, perhaps we should make immediate steps to rectify the situation. We don’t know how long we’ll be around, or how much time we have with those we love. I for one wish to step back and view the bigger picture; because if I trust in a higher power, then no matter how bumpy the road may be, I know I’ll end up where I need to be, safe and sound.

A Twisted Play

Did I ever tell you…?
Did I ever say?

Time went. Days lost.

Did I ever tell you…?
Did I ever say?

The silence caused anguish & pain.
The silence appeared irrelevant,
but I was slain.

I listened to my heart,
but my heart was wrong…
It had no vision,
Just the temptation of pleasure,
in a world without pain.

I was guided into darkness,
an unknown to me.
It can be good,
it makes you feel free.

But the bright lights disappeared,
and the mood grew cold.
I shivered at scenes,
played by ghosts on the road.

Ghosts of my past,
They shone a light on where I had strayed.

My decisions were unmade,
I needed to go back,
but the road was filled with rain.

Tears of unhappiness and regret.
I began to drown in the world I had just met.

My voice grew cold,
my heart grew weak.
I could hear it beat,




I gasped for air,
I knew I was drowning.
My heart lost hope,
It gave in to the waves and let them take control.

Only then did I feel release.

The waves carried me,
bit by bit,
I felt myself float on air,
emotion lost, pain tossed aside,
free from the weight of that life.

My life is His,
The Lord of Grace.
He cradled me to my rightful place.

Decisions unmade, I start again.
With Him, I make amends.

Did I ever tell you…?
Did I ever say?
The Lord Almighty,
I love your play.

© Munpreet Flora 2013

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