OGUNTE – Commending Women in Business

On the 4th June 2013, OGUNTE (https://www.facebook.com/OgunteWomen) held an awards evening that commended women worldwide on their social contributions thought the world of business.
The OGUNTE Women’s Social Leadership Awards (#wsla13) amazed me. These women are not only involved in such inspiring and unique projects, but they all have a passion that is hard to beat. Coming from various spots worldwide, they have all shown a dedication to social progression and the betterment of society. This ranged from a global sharing network to teaching children to read.

The organisation was one that I had little knowledge of before the event, however it shows that bringing people together on any level can lead to dramatic results. The organisers have created a community of like minded individuals; and with such a tight knit network that crosses over so many skill sets, the opportunities are endless.
I even grabbed a copy of their mentoring/training information – you never know how handy it can be to follow in the footsteps of those who have done it – and then when you’re confident enough, you can strike out and create a path of your own.

Whilst this community is based on women, it reminded me of all those other organisations and networks I have had theĀ privilegeĀ of meeting in the past. It shows we’re not alone in wanting to change the world – despite what the media usually shows – there is a great deal of work going on that will make a positive impact in years to come.

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