Birth and Rebirth

Vaisakhi is the time of year where Sikhs celebrate the Birth of the Khalsa (the brotherhood of initiated Sikhs).

As it is therefore my birthday, it causes me to reflect on what life is about.

Whilst we are physically born once, we are spiritually reborn many times. Not just through an initiation ceremony (such as taking Amrit), but through the way we encounter and overcome the many hurdles life deals us.

I know that the person I was a day ago, never mind a year ago, is not the person I am today.

Each morning I am reborn with a fresh perspective, fresh desires and fresh ideas. I can choose to see the world as a playground or a battlefield. It will be MY choice that changes the outcome.

You may see this as growth, and that it is. Yet there are occasions where the only way to grow is to knock down everything you think you are, think you know and think you believe and start from scratch.

Something will change, be it big or small, and that one change will make all the difference.

So I’m not planning on growing like a tower, but instead digging down deep… the further I go, the closer I’ll get to becoming who I really want to be. I’ll look to the teachings in my history, my scriptures, from my elders and from my faith. I’ll look to see what the world around me is crying out for, be it mercy, compassion, generosity, forgiveness or love. I’ll try my best to leave my ego far behind and do what is right and good. I’ll try to make each day count, so that I can say with utter humility that I made the most of what my Guru gave me and made Him proud.

That to me is rebirth. A daily vow to forget who I think I am and become who I need to be.

Maybe one day I’ll ge there.

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