Robin Hood

Have you met Robin?

Robin? Yes Robin. Robin Hood they call him

He takes from the rich and gives to the poor.

What a noble act for a thief to endure.

Handing away what was never yours,

easier than giving what you earned through sweat, tears and more.


They crown him, the peasants. With their smiles and tales.

They make him a hero for the world to hail.

But who stopped to think of the poor king? His wallet snatched, his fear extended.

Without money, he has lost.

Perhaps it is little, but his faith has stopped.

His faith in humankind. You see, his son Robin may be friend of thee,

but till he earns the money he gives, forever as a thief shall we know him.

© Munpreet K Flora 2013

Inspired by a discussion with students on accountability.

How can we judge our actions as right and wrong? We make some heros and others villains, but what about seeing things from the others perspective?

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