Understanding “Me”

Recently, I had the opportunity, along with the rest of the Catalyst Cohort, to discover my personality type. Using the Myers-Briggs personality test I discovered I was an ENFP. Having not experienced this test before, it was eye-opening to read a description close to how I view myself. Although Jung (the psychologist who influenced the design of the test) would have considered these personality types to be stereotypes, there were some obvious connections between my character and that described on the page.

Research all over the web seems to emulate what I initially read. Yet, each time I’ve read a piece, I’ve gained a little more understanding of why I behave in certain ways.¬†Contemplation and internal reflection is a great way of understanding yourself, but as our guides Tom and Julie pointed out, these processes not only make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, but strangely by, “strengthening your strengths, your weaknesses improve”

Whilst I can honestly say I do not fully understand the statement, I have found that gaining an insight into why I respond in certain ways, towards certain situations, has helped me to re-assess my behaviour and improve myself on the whole.¬†(Although as an ENFP I am better at looking at the whole as opposed to the details, so forgive me if I’ve forgotten anything specific…)

Alongside this I was also taught that the journey of spirituality involves looking inward, not outward. These tests are a starting point, but truly understanding yourself and who you are (after all we all have God inside us), can be a mammoth task.

Man Tu Joht Saroop Hai, Apna Mool Pichaan

(You are an embodiment of the light of God, Recognise yourself)

Where should we begin? I would expect with gratitude and love towards what we already know. My life therefore is filled with metaphors and analogies, because whilst most of the world is a mystery – it is always connected to something I have experienced previously.

It's not an easy task, but if you keep looking, one day you might just find what you were searching for.
It’s not an easy task, but if you keep looking, one day you might just find what you were searching for.

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