A year unplanned, but written by God

Over the last few weeks I was given the opportunity to retreat at prayers for world peace, reflecting on the importance God holds in my life. One of the main prayers that was recited spoke about God’s infinite power to do the impossible. It stated that worrying is of no value, instead everything should be left with God, as He has the power to make all our desires come true.

Then new years came. A time of year that is created to help remind you of all the things that you have yet to accomplish – a point that can encourage you to worry or to set unrealistic life resolutions (that usually fail within a matter of weeks, if not days).

So I decided to pause this year and refrain from unrealistic planning.

I was reminded that 13 in punjabi is “thera”, which also means “yours” – so instead of worrying or planning the year ahead, I think its better to give the year to God. Whatever He wishes for me is bound to happen, as long as I put in the effort to try to continue on the path He’s laid out for me, why should I worry?

No-one can predict the future other than Him, so I leave my life with the storyteller and pray the story He writes will leave me with a million and one unforgettable memories.

I rest my head at my Lord's feet. My life is now His.

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