Ever walked through an art gallery with no expectations?

I did. It was a great feeling to just experience the various exhibitions and discover what inspired me.

Two words came to mind as I wandered through Tate Modern: “Trapped” and “Freedom”

Art is there to challenge our perceptions and open our minds. It should free us. Yet too often we constrict our thinking to that which we already know – it’s human nature. Are we trapped in a world where we cannot truly encounter what is around us? Where our senses are cut off to reality?

Sitting in one room watching numerous lines and circles move across a screen, my mind was at peace. It was something so abstract I could finally stop creating paralleles with what I knew. I could give myself a fresh perspective.

I hope that perspective stays with me for a while at least, before I get all too consumed with everyday life.


If you get a chance, take a day out, to free your mind and open your senses.

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Redefine your perspective
Redefine your perspective

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