Sometimes when you stop to reflect, you can notice how many unique experiences you’ve had.

When you’re walking through a city or sitting on a train, you’ll be aware that no-one else can imagine how many different scenarios or events you’ve witnessed orĀ  been involved in.

Each of those people have their own life, their own mix of ideas and even their own purpose.

For a person like me, that dabbles in lots of things, the word purpose is a difficult one.

Then again, when I pause in this busy life and spend time listing everything that has made me passionate – I realise I’m probably living my purpose… it’s not as straight forward or clear cut as anyone else’s but if I continue to follow things that make me jump out of bed and stretch my imagination then I can’t really go wrong.

As I heard once in a TED video “God just wants you to be you” – it’s easy to be myself – and it’s a simple way to define my purpose too.

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