“Home” : a playground for life


It’s a small word but means so much. The phrases “there’s no place like home” and ” home sweet home” emphasise the importance we give to it.

Yet, as an individual who has previously lived out for university, I noticed that we name any place our “home” once we’ve spent enough time there, (meaning I’ve had 4 homes in the last 4 years).

Despite this, returning to my parent’s home, the place I grew up, there’s a sense of belonging that can’t be found elsewhere. You can’t forget where you played and dreamed. Your home held your personality, it was where you expressed yourself and blended your unique traits into the character you’ve become.

No matter where anyone goes in life, we cannot forget where we came from. This same statement was made at the Emerging Leaders Network Launch (#ELNLaunch) I recently attended. As future leaders, each person felt a responsibility to go back and be part of their home towns. It’s an opportunity to give back to the place that has given us so much.

Although I don’t disagree, the question that I’m left with is not what can I do for my home, but what does my home still give me?

Many of us may think once we’ve left, moved out and perhaps “moved on” with our lives, that our homes move with us. However, in essence whilst we’re travellers discovering our destinies and shaping our futures, these same homes give us the foundation, encouragement, love, support and strength that we need to venture out. Particularly now, when we are entering a world in financial crisis, with few jobs and a dented moral, this backing is the element that allows people to take risks and strive to shape their future in whatever way they wish. It may continue to influence our personalities for decades to come.

I think it’s something to appreciate as we rediscover our childhood dreams and take this opportunity to create the future we want, rather than simply accepting the one we think is available. For many of us recent graduates, we have NOTHING to lose…

It will always be possible to have multiple homes, and we never finish growing as people. Yet I will always be thankful for the foundation for life I was given. I would like to thank each and every person that has and is influencing me and shaping me as a person. Without you all I would not have the dreams and aspirations I do today.

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