Freedom… Is it a right or a responsibility?

Today is Bandhi Chorr Divas, the Sikh independence day. It celebrates when the 6th Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji was released from imprisonment and liberated 52 kings alongside himself. The story which can be found in numerous places around the web is inspirational to me as it reminds me of our responsibility to fight for freedom and justice of our fellow man.

The word “responsibility” resonates with me. Too often it seems as though we spend much of our time fighting and arguing about our rights and what we deserve. However, for me, “rights” are earned through completing our duty. In other words fulfilling our responsibilities.

I’ve learnt that I am responsible for creating my own happiness and aiding the happiness of others. I am responsible for my own destiny. It is lessons like this that push me to work harder and make something of myself for the benefit of myself and others around me.

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