What’s Your Boggart?

Personalised counselling, therapy and supervision. 
A place to talk about anything you need to…

Do you feel Stressed Worried Hurt Lost Alone ? Contact me

Work and family life can be tough sometimes. Just remember…

You are not alone

I am an experienced, qualifed and HCPC registered Creative Arts Therapist

This means I use both:

Talk Therapy

Verbal expression

of your experiences, feelings and fears


Creative methods

including metaphors, stories, art & drama

counselling person holding mug, face hidden, speaking about what they need. Mug says "Choose Happy"
blank paper with coloured pens, showing empty page where the individual can share whatever they require in the counselling session

Counselling on your terms

We can support anyone in need.
This is because the client is at the centre of every intervention.
You learn about yourself and ultimately take control of your own emotions.
We offer support to help get to the root of your difficulties.
We offer a safe space, honest dialogue and opportunities to both see yourself and be seen.
This can allow you to continue your journey of self discovery with a fresh approach and perspective.
I’m based in Birmingham offering face-to-face, telephone and online counselling to clients of all ages and backgrounds.
Contact me to get started on your journey.